Friday, November 26, 2010


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Happy Post Turkey Day!

I hope everyone had a fantastic holiday and got a chance to see their families and loved ones.  We really do have a lot to be thankful for.  I too was able to spend time with my family and let them know how much they mean to me.  My mother is doing well after an ear infection that gave all of us a scare as she couldn't stand up and kept getting dizzy.  We feared the worse but she's much better now.  Also, Ken is doing great so far..wish I could say the same for their two dogs! Ha.  The sun-room wasn't completed as promised, by the sun-room company, but Ken managed to cover everything in plastic to save his hard work.

Additionally, the tradition we share of going around the dinner table and one by one telling everyone what we're thankful for was instituted again.  It's interesting to see my little men start to gain interest and think about what they have.  I'm humbled sometimes.

My part time management stint at the Halloween City (local) ended last week and if was refreshing to meet new people that needed a hard worker with great leadership skills.  I was promoted from my local shop to another that wasn't running smoothly.  I fixed the 'problems' and the store ended up being one of the best in the state!  It's hard to believe the job market in Illinois has become so fragmented where good people are trying to add value but are being overlooked by companies that REALLY can use good labor.  Intense situation....I hope it changes soon.  If you're looking for a Project Manager or District Sales Manager please keep me in mind.

The business is going well and if you're interested in a TEXT campaign for your business/event/community service, please do not hesitate to call me to review your needs.  I'll have some new pricing for the holidays up soon so reserve your keyword today!  M&S Mobile Marketing can be reached at or by calling 866-478-5799 x 101; hours are M-F 7-6.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Text SCAREU to 41513 for a holiday treat!

Text SCAREU to 41513 for a $2 off general admission coupon to the Boys Scouts of America's Haunted Hike!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Great song by Matraca Berg...I forgot about it...

Matraca Berg - Along For The Ride .mp3
Found at bee mp3 search engine

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy 4th of July!!!

Be safe and celebrate wisely!  Also, remember to 'pass it on' story wise and teach your children the true meaning of the holiday.  It's not about brats and hamburgers, sparklers or fireworks displays.  It's important to know that if you refuse to defend your won't have one for too long.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Sales Director for Sale....inquire within....

Go there now.

A Buy-Write investment strategy...

Somebody recently asked me about how to make money when their stocks 'haven't moved' and if they should re-season their portfolio.  One thing I've learned about self management and the free access to the investment world via all of the on-line brokers, is that it can make you impulsive.  Overcome this by educating line.  It's easy to get caught up in the herd mentaility and before you know it you've lost MORE money!

Here's the strategy.  A buy-write creates an income stream against a position you hold monthly.  It's rather conservative so you can even do it in your IRA (with authorization --and the only options strategy approved for IRA's).  OOHHHH he said 'options' which are derivatives and they ruined the world...CNN said so!  Not really. 

Okay, how does it work?  In the example above a friend said that his stocks were not going anywhere.  Upon closer look they were channeling or staying in about the same upper and lower ranges.  This kind of predictability creates a 'bet'.  That bet is that the stock may not break out to upper highs or lower lows.  For the sake of simplicity I'll just explain the theory and you can look up the stock options call symbols yourself.  Besides, they recently adopted a new call letter standard and I'm not going to type them because they're too long now.  So concept.

Let's pick a stock, XYZ.  You see it channels and you don't want to sell at a loss but you're in not hurry to sell either.  Okay.  So you can look at options that have a premium and you can sell somebody the right to buy your stock at a higher price at some point in the future.  That's a deal huh?  If XYZ is trading at $10 your cost is $8, would you be willing to sell your stock @ $15 if I paid you?!

Example:  XYZ stock is trading @ $10; The June 15, 15 CALLS are trading at say .30 (there's a lot of theory here and I'm just picking a number for mathmatical purposes but .30 would not be an accurate price for these calls).  CALLS are an option that when sold obligate you to sell your stock at a set price, so you would have to sell your stock @ $15 in this example.  Is that worth it?  $8-$15= $7 profit+.  You would be 'writing' a call.  Hence the (stock) and write (options).  Calls are priced per 100 shares so you would control effectively 100 shares.  So 100 x .30 (quoted price) = $30 less commissions.  Well that's only  $30 big deal.  Well if you own 1000 shares you can write 10 options and now it becomes $300.   Your returns have grown for doing virtually nothing. 

So what could go wrong?  Well you get 'called out' which means the stock rises past your $15 contract and you get exercised.  1000 x 15 = $15,000 is now sitting in your brokerage account because you had to sell...and you get to keep the premium you took in of $300.00.  If you like the stock you re-purchase it.  Hopefully, you've done your homework on the channelling and you can repeat this exercise because you really don't want the underlying stock to hit your price.  In your IRA it's not a taxable a brokerage it is.

With the premium you've taken in you can buy more shares of the underlying stock and next month you can 'write' one more option and so on and so on...eventually you'll be taking in a large sum of money every month on a 'non moving stock'.

Questions or comments are welcome as I've simplified a lot of this information.  You can secure options information by calling on the OCC (options clearing corp) to receive the dislosure doc's on options and how they work (calendar and

Relay for Life....

Well the Relay for Life went off without a hitch this year!  I was walking with the Kiwanis Club of Bolingbrook/Romeoville.  We only raised $340 as a team, which pailed in comparison to the Home Depot team who raised over $7k on their maiden voyage!  Wow.   They said that they were going to get the entire district involved next year....

Our team was comprised of cancer survivors and volunteers.  One serves on the ACS committee, one is a survivor, I volunteer and the others also volunteer.  You may have seen the "HOPE" sign on the hill in the grass.  I helped paint that this year and it turned out fantastic (I'm so proud to have supported Bruce Keller who came up with the idea).  The weather was beautiful and I believe going in to the event we had raised over $72k dollars for research...what a great cause.  It's a terrible disease that robs you of your life and I'm happy to support an organization that is searching for the cure.  If you would like to donate go to and search me out by name or team and you can make a donation up until August!  Thank you!

Somebody asked me about a Buy-write investment option....I'll explain that in my next blog.

Thursday, May 13, 2010


My eldest son just passed over in rank to a BEAR cub in Scouts!  The ceremony was brief but very cool and the boys had a great time.  He is so excited now that his brag vest is filling in with the different badges he's earned.  Additionally, he is learning soooo much that he isn't in school!  I'm so glad.

I've been so involved with the Scouts and will be helping out extensively with the upcoming Day Camp in Bolingbrook the week of June 15.  I will be teaching the kids bow and arrow shooting and safety along with BB gun shooting and safety.  We have a new director and she seems to understand project management fundamentals so we're doing things a little differently this year.  Yeah!! 'bout time.

On the Kiwanis front:  The Key Club dinner for the members will be May 20 in the p.m. @ Senior Star in Romeoville, IL.  If you haven't been to Senior Star is an awesome assisted community living facility that is new to Romeoville.  You need to see this place.  They start @ $2,100/mo for care and they really leave nothing out of the equation.  Stop by!

The Kiwanis Scholarship awards (yes the peanut day promotions really do pay for this!) will be awarded @ 8:00 a.m. at the Bolingbrook High School.  This is a big deal considering we're doling out $4,000 at BB High School and $4,000 at the Romeoville High School.  All of the students did wonderful jobs participating in the community and justifying why they should be the recipients of the scholarships but ultimately we had to pick just a couple of winners.  Keep an eye on this kids because they WILL BE the future leaders in our communities!

Mobile marketing is one step closer to completion.  I'm just lining up my vendors, structure and pricing.  This is going to ramp up a lot of local businesses (I hope!) and give them the exposure that only big companies have been able to afford.  Quite cool.

Sine Timore

Friday, May 7, 2010

New resume website...

Check out my website to learn more about my background and if I can be of benefit to you!

Monday, April 12, 2010

ERI Network.....

On the job hunt....hooked up with ERI network and have taken their marketability comparison analysis.  Additionally, I'll most likely be utilizing their services to help cut down my placement.  I need to maximize my visibility and I can't do this alone.

I'm looking for middle management; something angled towards growth in the finance (this can be a new or emerging market field) as this is my background.  I'd love to utilize my Project Management training further and convince myself that is wasn't just a waste of time to pursue.  I have often managed staff towards defined goals, training, coaching and developing them as they go.  The pay structure sought is about the same...$75 - $85 k + benefits and bonus (negotiable).

I can help you meet your goals and perform.  If you're current staff is not getting you where you need to be, then call me to discuss your situation; I'm sure I can lend some direction.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Beautiful Day!!

Today just smacks of spring.  They say we'll hit 80 degress today...The tress are blooming and the frogs are already croaking.  I can hear them all the way from the lake. 

I'll be heading over to Home Depot this afternoon to buy all the seasonal items and start planning the flower beds.  Logan (my cub scout) helped me plant flowers yesterday and plan for his window box plants.  That was a hoot!

Job responses are pretty much reserved to the insurance companies at this point.  I just finished my PMP school work and I am collecting proof of work on projects to submit for the PMP exam & credentials.  I'll keep you posted.  I remain optimistic about an intelligent company in need of a dedicated individual calling soon.  I'm jazzed & ready to go!!  C'mon America, we have a lot of work to do to get out of the economic mess we're in.

I was asked today to be the President elect of the local Kiwanis chapter I am part of!  Wow what an honor.  I said I'd be glad to but with some instruction and direction...I don't want to let them down.

Tonight is skate night at Skate USA with my sons 2nd grade class.  Should be fun.  We went ice skating last roller skating.  These guys are wearing me out!!

Oh, thank you Anderson window company for the window quote today!!  We'll be putting together our plans and contacting you soon.  I'm excited about this because our current windows are horrible and I can't take another winter with high heating's killing me.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Mobile Marketing....

This is going to be big.  I was watching CNN this morning and they were reporting from the wireless show in California.  Lots and lots of cool gadgets and 'ideas' coming forward.  Wow, my head is still spinning.  They also covered the mobile marketing arena and impressed upon the viewers that advertisers and marketers are really just starting to crack the code, so to speak.  Very exciting and interesting indeed.

This last week has been really busy.  Trying to recruit Kiwanis members....anyone?...anyone?  Feel free to shoot me a note or stop by a meeting.  We usually meet at the Bolingbrook Golf Course the 1st and 3rd Wednesday's of the month.  We are trying to schedule PM meeting to accomodate the working class too.  Give me a shout if you want to volunteer some time helping kids locally!

This week & last I had some great business opportunities and job opportunities too.  A couple of well placed banks, management companies looking for talent, and insurance companies barking at my door.  It's about time~!  Guess they know talent when they see it.  The shoe happens to be on the other foot with some of these companies, however.  It's nice to be considered to lead at these companies but interviews work both ways and some of these companies will never be run well because of past cultural distruction.  Accountability works both ways it seems.

Back to the mines!!  I'll post more later...have to fnish some school work and stock screening for tomorrow.

(what are your thoughts on the new health care bill?  discussions welcome....)

Monday, March 8, 2010

Career booster...

The career front is moving along nicely...a couple more interested folks calling and scheduling appointments for opportunities.  These could be promising.  Also, I will be working part time in April on something very big (can't say right now) but it gives me great satisfaction.  I'll post during the event...

Looking at the Mobile Marketing segment and pentrating it locally.  Focusing specifically on the hispanic segment and earning trust in that arena.  Exploring relations with a company called Hipcricket (you read that right), .mobi and

Leasing agent in town will not budge on the square foot amout he's asking ($18+ $4 taxes) so I'm not moving on that just yet.  I love the location but he's a bit high for the location.  I'll keep plying my craft.

Keep in touch old every once in a while I won't bite (much).

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Nice week...

Was a great week with the family.  I got a chance to go to Atsa-nice pizza again along with catch up on Logan's Wolf badge requirements.  Cleaned parts of the house again, explored new job opportunities and met some new contacts. 

My old leads group provided me with an awesome contact in the banking world, my neighbor reached out to me and I met up with an old business acquaintance to learn about what she does at World Ventures now.  Interesting company and concept...I'm exploring.

Today I'm focusing on the basement and moving that along for the next step, which is everything! Ha.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Sad day....

After 17 years my little daschund, Alecks finally passed away.  She hit 'the wall' in December, bounced back but then hit the wall again...hard.  For the past 3 days we've nutured her and held her close while she passed in to doggie heaven.

The kids are taking it pretty well...wish I could say the same for me.  My first 'little girl' had to move on and I'm really torn up.  She was such a cutie...our prayers are with her.  Brenda is taking it pretty hard too as she cradled Alecks for hours yesterday and today.

I'll take her to the pet cremation facility tomorrow.  We had her mother Abbi cremated too.  These are such loyal, scrappy, one owner pets I can't say enough about the breed.  If you need a wonderful companion the daschund is a fantastic animal to consider.

Have to turn in now, tomorrow I'm meeting with a couple of job prospects that will turn in to valuable contacts if not viable career opportunities and I need my beauty rest!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Mason's Birthday...thank you everyone!!

To my wonderful family and friends I would like to say "thank you" for making my little boy's 6th birthday a memorable event.  He had sooooo much fun today.  It's 10:00 o'clock and he's still so wound up over the LEGO's he received from his uncle Denny & Anne, Auntie Noelle & John, Auntie Holly & Kevin, Renee & Ken Gatewood (and Granty Mar too!), Ron & Felicia Opyd, Donna & Mark Miller and my beautiful wife Brenda.

I hope everyone had a good time and took some left overs home!  Now I have to tear Mason away from his 'work' to inform him tomorrow is another day.  Looking forward to the 5-10" of snow we're in for between Sunday and Monday morning.  Yeah...not.

Will continue final studies for the PMP and coordinate my career searching for Monday.  Anybody looking for a qualified finance, marketing or project manager (new)?  Tough market but not impossible if you're looking for the best!

Have a great weekend...more later.

Thursday, February 18, 2010


What a night.  Busy on-line for hours.  Business ideas coming together.

I made some great business relationships yesterday and hopefully they lead to something great in the near future!

Today is a busy cleaning day in preparation for my sons 6th Birthday!  The family will be coming by along with a few friends with the LEGO're invited! Ha.  Just bring a toy for my beautiful little boy (he's the blonde in the pic's below).

On to building wealth....

Monday, February 15, 2010

Happy President's Day...

I hope you had a great day and didn't have to work!  Dull day.  Heard back from a few old work contacts and explained my current plight.  Expanded service on (yeah) and updated my Relay for Life website.  If you can, please sign up for Relay for Life!!  The upcoming walk is May 22nd-23rd.  You can donate at my the website, which I'll post later.  Thanks for your support, I couldn't do it without you!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Blue and Gold...

Last night was a blast....the boys had so much fun.  We even had some Scouts approach Pack Leader Rich and say "I'm in...I was thinking of quiting but after tonight I'm staying in!"  How cool is that?!

I think this year was more orderly than last year because of the amount of help we received.  As I stated last night, Pack 20 couldn't exist without all of the Den Mothers who have supported us and our boys!!  Thank you again Mom(s)!  The event only had one hiccup and that was the janitor turning off our PA system.  He apparently wanted to be reassured that HE was in charge.  Other than that the facilties and boys were well behaved.

We had seven boys pass over into the Boy Scouts.  There ceremony is called the Arrow of Light and as the arrow is passed it is marked with all of their acheivements pathwise to date.  The elder scouts come and adorn themselves with animal pelts symbolic of the Bobcat, Wolf, Bear, Akela and traditional American Indian.  They wear belts symbolic of the status they speak of and inspire the boys to move to the next level.  It's really cool.  My boys were charged too.

I took pics of the center pieces to forward to the pack for voting purposes, but we know who's was the best right? Ha.  Thank you everyone for a memorable evening!!  Go Pack 20!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Boy Scouts Blue & Gold tonite!!

Tonite up at the Rec Center we'll be having the 2009 Blue and Gold Banquet.  Please join us if you can, it's going to be a good time!  Our 'little men' have sooo much fun.

So come, skits, food and laughter.

A couple of good job discussions came in yesterday/today.  Looks promising...guess they can spot good talent on sale when they see it. Ha!

Linked to today...we'll see how that turns out.  Give'm a click you need a website they have a great sale going on right now.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Romeoville Open House...

If I wasn't clear...March 14th is the Open House not this Sunday.

Blue &Gold is coming along.  Brenda has wrapped the plastic utensils with blue gold napkins and will be preparing the pasta for the event.  Spent part of the evening working on Logan's achievements and electives I'm tired.  Rich called and we briefly reviewed the items needed for the skit the boys are doing and the food prep items.  Also, we spoke about giving out a few badges for the B&G to honorable mentions.

I've finished the table center piece and boy I have to tell you it's worthy of a prize (?).  The boys helped to construct a replica mountain adorned with a Wolf and Tiger symbolizing what path they've taken with their Akela's.  Surrounding the mountain are votives with candles that they've decorated.  Looks cool because I've affixed a string of blue lights on the inside of the mountain.  Wow...what fun huh?

Finished the day listening to a couple of marketing webinars on SEO and PPC.
...the Open House for the Scouts will be on the 14th until about 3:00 p.m.

Snow & earthquake? In Illinois?

The buzz was that there was an earthquake in Illinois that registered in the high 3's!  Wow.  Happy meat and potatoes land 'shakin' it up' so to speak.

Contacted a friend with Market America to possibly see what his biz is all about.  Filled out about 6 more applications and caught up with a financial advisor friend, Dante Royster.  Great guy...very ambitious.

Signed up for and expanded services with  Examined the Illinois Notary page as I keep forgetting this is a public service that I can charge for.  I've been a notary for over 16 years.  Need something notarized in Will County, Illinois?  Call me.

Oh, the fish in the box here come when you call them...just double click.  A ripple will appear in the pond and they will dart for it!

Following up with Pack 20/Den 7 scouts open house information.  We'll be represented at the open house at the Romeoville Rec Center with a table.  I'll be if you want to gather information about the Boy Scouts and how you can get involved, just show up!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Great day...3" of snow or more...

It was a great about 6 applications out.  Made some great contacts with marketers...I love marketers.  I'm learning so much about internet marketing.  It's simply fascinating.

Made some appointments today.  An old friend reached out and caught up to me....we might ink some kind of get together this week Thursday.

Snow came...about 3" plus and the roads are a mess.  Good thing we only knew about it 4 days in advance...and we're still not ready for it!  Wow, unbelievable.

Tomorrow I'll continue networking and reaching out...feeling pretty good about my position and capabilities (so far).

more later....

Monday, February 8, 2010

First post....

Thanks for stopping by...this is my official 'first' post.

As my family and I begin a new chapter in our lives I thought I would scribe it as we go.  As you may know (or not know), I was recently terminated from my employ at Citizens Financial Bank (Munster, IN).  The circumstances were really questionable and I'll pursue that when time permits.  But right now I want to focus on staying positive and viewing this as a sign and great 'next step'.  It seems that CFB has created a world of problems for themselves that only time will heal.

So here goes...I'm currently working on a bunch of business endeavours, which I've kicked around for years and really haven't done anything with.  Maybe now is the time...I'll keep you posted as we go down that path!

Thanks for stopping by...more later....


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