Saturday, February 13, 2010

Blue and Gold...

Last night was a blast....the boys had so much fun.  We even had some Scouts approach Pack Leader Rich and say "I'm in...I was thinking of quiting but after tonight I'm staying in!"  How cool is that?!

I think this year was more orderly than last year because of the amount of help we received.  As I stated last night, Pack 20 couldn't exist without all of the Den Mothers who have supported us and our boys!!  Thank you again Mom(s)!  The event only had one hiccup and that was the janitor turning off our PA system.  He apparently wanted to be reassured that HE was in charge.  Other than that the facilties and boys were well behaved.

We had seven boys pass over into the Boy Scouts.  There ceremony is called the Arrow of Light and as the arrow is passed it is marked with all of their acheivements pathwise to date.  The elder scouts come and adorn themselves with animal pelts symbolic of the Bobcat, Wolf, Bear, Akela and traditional American Indian.  They wear belts symbolic of the status they speak of and inspire the boys to move to the next level.  It's really cool.  My boys were charged too.

I took pics of the center pieces to forward to the pack for voting purposes, but we know who's was the best right? Ha.  Thank you everyone for a memorable evening!!  Go Pack 20!

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