Monday, March 8, 2010

Career booster...

The career front is moving along nicely...a couple more interested folks calling and scheduling appointments for opportunities.  These could be promising.  Also, I will be working part time in April on something very big (can't say right now) but it gives me great satisfaction.  I'll post during the event...

Looking at the Mobile Marketing segment and pentrating it locally.  Focusing specifically on the hispanic segment and earning trust in that arena.  Exploring relations with a company called Hipcricket (you read that right), .mobi and

Leasing agent in town will not budge on the square foot amout he's asking ($18+ $4 taxes) so I'm not moving on that just yet.  I love the location but he's a bit high for the location.  I'll keep plying my craft.

Keep in touch old every once in a while I won't bite (much).

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