Monday, April 12, 2010

ERI Network.....

On the job hunt....hooked up with ERI network and have taken their marketability comparison analysis.  Additionally, I'll most likely be utilizing their services to help cut down my placement.  I need to maximize my visibility and I can't do this alone.

I'm looking for middle management; something angled towards growth in the finance (this can be a new or emerging market field) as this is my background.  I'd love to utilize my Project Management training further and convince myself that is wasn't just a waste of time to pursue.  I have often managed staff towards defined goals, training, coaching and developing them as they go.  The pay structure sought is about the same...$75 - $85 k + benefits and bonus (negotiable).

I can help you meet your goals and perform.  If you're current staff is not getting you where you need to be, then call me to discuss your situation; I'm sure I can lend some direction.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Beautiful Day!!

Today just smacks of spring.  They say we'll hit 80 degress today...The tress are blooming and the frogs are already croaking.  I can hear them all the way from the lake. 

I'll be heading over to Home Depot this afternoon to buy all the seasonal items and start planning the flower beds.  Logan (my cub scout) helped me plant flowers yesterday and plan for his window box plants.  That was a hoot!

Job responses are pretty much reserved to the insurance companies at this point.  I just finished my PMP school work and I am collecting proof of work on projects to submit for the PMP exam & credentials.  I'll keep you posted.  I remain optimistic about an intelligent company in need of a dedicated individual calling soon.  I'm jazzed & ready to go!!  C'mon America, we have a lot of work to do to get out of the economic mess we're in.

I was asked today to be the President elect of the local Kiwanis chapter I am part of!  Wow what an honor.  I said I'd be glad to but with some instruction and direction...I don't want to let them down.

Tonight is skate night at Skate USA with my sons 2nd grade class.  Should be fun.  We went ice skating last roller skating.  These guys are wearing me out!!

Oh, thank you Anderson window company for the window quote today!!  We'll be putting together our plans and contacting you soon.  I'm excited about this because our current windows are horrible and I can't take another winter with high heating's killing me.