Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Romeoville Open House...

If I wasn't clear...March 14th is the Open House not this Sunday.

Blue &Gold is coming along.  Brenda has wrapped the plastic utensils with blue gold napkins and will be preparing the pasta for the event.  Spent part of the evening working on Logan's achievements and electives I'm tired.  Rich called and we briefly reviewed the items needed for the skit the boys are doing and the food prep items.  Also, we spoke about giving out a few badges for the B&G to honorable mentions.

I've finished the table center piece and boy I have to tell you it's worthy of a prize (?).  The boys helped to construct a replica mountain adorned with a Wolf and Tiger symbolizing what path they've taken with their Akela's.  Surrounding the mountain are votives with candles that they've decorated.  Looks cool because I've affixed a string of blue lights on the inside of the mountain.  Wow...what fun huh?

Finished the day listening to a couple of marketing webinars on SEO and PPC.

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