Thursday, May 13, 2010


My eldest son just passed over in rank to a BEAR cub in Scouts!  The ceremony was brief but very cool and the boys had a great time.  He is so excited now that his brag vest is filling in with the different badges he's earned.  Additionally, he is learning soooo much that he isn't in school!  I'm so glad.

I've been so involved with the Scouts and will be helping out extensively with the upcoming Day Camp in Bolingbrook the week of June 15.  I will be teaching the kids bow and arrow shooting and safety along with BB gun shooting and safety.  We have a new director and she seems to understand project management fundamentals so we're doing things a little differently this year.  Yeah!! 'bout time.

On the Kiwanis front:  The Key Club dinner for the members will be May 20 in the p.m. @ Senior Star in Romeoville, IL.  If you haven't been to Senior Star is an awesome assisted community living facility that is new to Romeoville.  You need to see this place.  They start @ $2,100/mo for care and they really leave nothing out of the equation.  Stop by!

The Kiwanis Scholarship awards (yes the peanut day promotions really do pay for this!) will be awarded @ 8:00 a.m. at the Bolingbrook High School.  This is a big deal considering we're doling out $4,000 at BB High School and $4,000 at the Romeoville High School.  All of the students did wonderful jobs participating in the community and justifying why they should be the recipients of the scholarships but ultimately we had to pick just a couple of winners.  Keep an eye on this kids because they WILL BE the future leaders in our communities!

Mobile marketing is one step closer to completion.  I'm just lining up my vendors, structure and pricing.  This is going to ramp up a lot of local businesses (I hope!) and give them the exposure that only big companies have been able to afford.  Quite cool.

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