Monday, February 22, 2010

Sad day....

After 17 years my little daschund, Alecks finally passed away.  She hit 'the wall' in December, bounced back but then hit the wall again...hard.  For the past 3 days we've nutured her and held her close while she passed in to doggie heaven.

The kids are taking it pretty well...wish I could say the same for me.  My first 'little girl' had to move on and I'm really torn up.  She was such a cutie...our prayers are with her.  Brenda is taking it pretty hard too as she cradled Alecks for hours yesterday and today.

I'll take her to the pet cremation facility tomorrow.  We had her mother Abbi cremated too.  These are such loyal, scrappy, one owner pets I can't say enough about the breed.  If you need a wonderful companion the daschund is a fantastic animal to consider.

Have to turn in now, tomorrow I'm meeting with a couple of job prospects that will turn in to valuable contacts if not viable career opportunities and I need my beauty rest!

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