Monday, February 8, 2010

First post....

Thanks for stopping by...this is my official 'first' post.

As my family and I begin a new chapter in our lives I thought I would scribe it as we go.  As you may know (or not know), I was recently terminated from my employ at Citizens Financial Bank (Munster, IN).  The circumstances were really questionable and I'll pursue that when time permits.  But right now I want to focus on staying positive and viewing this as a sign and great 'next step'.  It seems that CFB has created a world of problems for themselves that only time will heal.

So here goes...I'm currently working on a bunch of business endeavours, which I've kicked around for years and really haven't done anything with.  Maybe now is the time...I'll keep you posted as we go down that path!

Thanks for stopping by...more later....

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